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The medium dark Oka Estate coffee reminded of Vienna roast of European coffees. We love your coffee here in lower Manhattan. So when you want to picture two very happy morning people drinking your coffee, just picture the World Trade Center (which is quite beautiful now) and a few blocks north you will see us! ~Peter

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Oka Family Farms 100% Kona Coffee

is our signature product line and it is available at select locations throughout the Big Island of Hawaii, locally at our Oka Famly Farm and exclusively on this website. Coffee grown on our farm is carefully nurtured and picked at just the right moment to ensure its optimum flavor profile. Only the largest and perfectly formed coffee beans are roasted to perfection in our three level of roasting and then packaged in black bags, a signature of Oka Family Farms. Known for their delicate yet robust flavors, our Kona roasts are admired by coffee industry experts the world over.

All 16 and 7 oz coffees are WHOLE BEAN.
Ground is available upon request.
All 2 oz and 4 oz coffees available ONLY in ground.

Estate Coffee
Estate Coffee
Estate Coffee
Original 16oz. Price: $34.99
Original 16oz. Price: $34.99
Original 16oz. Price: $34.99
Medium Roast is also known as “American Roast”. This bean is roasted to a medium light brown and is the traditional roast for the Eastern U.S.. This roast has the most caffeine. Medium roast is lighter-bodied, higher acidity and no obvious roast flavor. Medium-Dark Roast is also known as “City Roast” which is a medium-dark brown with occasional oil sheen and is good for varietal character and bittersweet flavors. This is somewhat spicy with a heavier body/mouth feel. Aroma and roast flavors are evident. Dark Roast known as “French Roast” is roasted to be shiny with oil, smokey-sweet undertones and diminished acidity. It is light bodied but quite intense. It is a popular roast for expresso blends and has the least amount of caffeine.
Extra Fancy Fancy Beans White Lightening
Regular Price: $43.99
Original 16oz. Price: $41.99
Our Price: $19.95
Kona coffee beans are classified according to seed and Extra Fancy beans are the highest grade available for Type I beans which consist of two beans per cherry and are flat on one side but oval on the other. When sorted, this comprises about 30% of our estate. This is a largest of all the beans. Its flavor is full with an aromatic scent. This is sweeter and has low acidity. Kona coffee beans are classified according to seed. This is a larger bean with less acidity. Enjoy 30% more caffeine and more antioxidants without the coffee flavor. This particular roast is like drinking tea with hints of carmel and nutmeg. We grind to perfection so you will be able to brew it as you would coffee. Package is only available in fancy beans.
Keiki Sampler Tutu Sampler
Our Price: $17.00
Our Price: $25.00
Three packages each 2oz. of our estate coffee roasted medium, medium dark and dark roast. Ground only. A great gift idea for coffee lovers! Three packages each 4oz. of our fancy coffee roasted medium, medium dark and dark roast. Ground only. A great gift idea for coffee lovers!