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The medium dark Oka Estate coffee reminded of Vienna roast of European coffees. We love your coffee here in lower Manhattan. So when you want to picture two very happy morning people drinking your coffee, just picture the World Trade Center (which is quite beautiful now) and a few blocks north you will see us! ~Peter

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choc-macNuts-combo   Combo Kona Coffee/Milk Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts
OT-EC-DK-PARENT   Estate Coffee
OT-EC-MR-PARENT   Estate Coffee
OT-EC-MD-PARENT   Estate Coffee
OF-EF-PARENT   Kona Coffee - Extra Fancy Bean
OF-PB-2019   Peaberry Coffee
OF-PB-PARENT2-0007   Peaberry Coffee - Dark - 16 oz - $48
OF-PB-PARENT2-0009   Peaberry Coffee - Medium - 16 oz - $48
OF-PB-PARENT2-0005   Peaberry Coffee - Medium Dark - 16 oz
OF-PB-PARENT2-0006   Peaberry Coffee - Medium Dark - 7 oz
TEST   Test
WL-EF-07   White Lightening
choc-beans-combo   White/semi-sweet Chocolate Covered Peaberry Coffee Beans

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