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The medium dark Oka Estate coffee reminded of Vienna roast of European coffees. We love your coffee here in lower Manhattan. So when you want to picture two very happy morning people drinking your coffee, just picture the World Trade Center (which is quite beautiful now) and a few blocks north you will see us! ~Peter


Rub my Heiny - 2.5 oz
Rub my Heiny - 2.5 oz

Our Price: $6.00

Who Says Cooking Has To Be Boring?

Rub Me Dirty seasoning mixes are proven to spice things up in the kitchen. Made with the finest and sexiest ingredients that can only be found in Kona, Hawaii. Rub Me Dirty is guaranteed to give you a climatic experience.

RUM MY HEINY seasoning mix is made from the finest ingredients that can only be found in Kona, Hawaii and is guaranteed to give you a climatic experience in the kitchen and on the table. So go ahead and RUB MY HEINY right now!

Directions: Generously apply RUB MY HEINY seasoning mix on your favorite cuts of pork and let stand for a minimum of 2 hours then cook to your pleasure.

Happy Rubbing!


Pork: 100% Kona Coffee, Hawaiian rock salt, dark brown sugar, cooa powder, black peper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, onion powder, celery salt.

Keola’s “RUB MY HEINY” Recipe

  • Generously rub any size of pork butt with olive oil and “RUB MY HEINY” seasoning.
  • Add pork butt into crockpot and cook on high for 4-5 hours or on low for 7-8 hours.
  • The pork will self baste. Pork can be shredded and used for pulled pork on a bun.
  • Choose your favorite slaw to compliment.

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